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    Course Description:  In physical education, students will actively participate in a vast array of activities ranging from team sports, individual sports and cooperative games.  Students will be working to better their fitness levels while learning lifelong activities that they can continue to use throughout their life.

    Grading:  Students will be given an individual participation grade for each class.  This daily average will represent 70% of the overall grade for the quarter.  An additional 10% will be comprised of the teacher evaluation.  The final 20% will be determined from specific skills for each unit.  If a students is not in class, they will need to make-up that class.  Students can make-up classes during a study hall or free class time.  If a student does not have a study hall, the student can inform Mr. Graves and other arrangements can be made.

    Piercing Policy:  Any type of piercing will not be allowed in physical education class.  These pose a danger to the individual and to others in the class.  If a student refuses to remove their piercing, they will not be allowed to participate and will be given a zero for a grade for that day.  Here is a link to the schools piercing policy.   NCCS Physical Education Piercing Policy

    Supplies Needed:  Students must be prepared for each class.  Students must have sneakers, a T-shirt, athletic shorts and socks.  We will be going outside throughout the year; therefore, students should be prepared with either a sweatshirt, long sleeve shirt and/or sweats/wind pants if the weather calls for it.


    Course Description:  In the 8th grade version of Health class, students will be exposed to crucial areas related to their overall well being.  These topics will center on physical, social and mental/emotional areas of Health.  Specific topics will include:  Self esteem issues, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, communicable disease, decision making skills, reproduction systems and issues and much more.

    Grading:  Students will be graded in three areas:  Major grades will be 45% and consist of tests and projects.  Minor grades will be 45% and consist of the homework assignments and quizzes.  The final 10% will be determined by the students teacher evaluation (TE).  TE will be determined by the students preparedness for class, overall attitude and behavior.

    Supplies needed:  Students will need a notebook with a pocket or a three ring binder, loose-leaf paper, a writing utensil, their agenda and their textbook each class.


    School Phone:  Middle School Office - 298-8681 between the hours of 8:30am and 3:30pm

    By E-mail:


    Period 1 - 9:16-9:56 High School Physical Education - HS Gym

    Period 2 -  9:59-10:39  High School Physical Education - HS Gym

    Period 3 - 10:42-11:22  Middle School Physical Education - MS Gym

    Period 4 - 11:25-12:05 Prep

    Period 5 - 12:08-12:48 Lunch

    Period 6 - 12:51-1:21 Day 2 Hall Duty

    Period 7 - 1:24-2:04 Day 1 Study Hall - MS Room 52

    Period 8 - 2:07-2:47 Middle School Health - HS Room 69

    Period 9 - 2:50-3:30 Middle School Physical Education - MS Gym