Words of the Week

  • WOW for the Week of June 13th-June 17th, 2016

    Word of the Week

    : (Noun)state of fear or anxiety; trembling or quivering movement

    Example: The student approached the podium with trepidation, nervous to address the entire middle school, even though he had prepared.

    Literary Term of the Week

    Alliteration the repetition of beginning sounds in two or more words


    Walter walked wearily

    While wondering where

    Wally was.

    Graphic Organizer for June

    Persuasion Map (Please see bulletin board)

    Personal and Social Responsibility Term for June

    Participationto be in on something

    Example: There was so much participation in the food drive that the food shelf was able to provide food to fifty families that were struggling as a result of the plant layoffs.