Spanish 6

  • What is Spanish 6?

    Spanish 6 is a 10 week introductory Spanish course.  We will be learning: Greetings, Numbers, Days and Months, Seasons and Weather, and Colors. 

    Will there be a lot of work?

    There will be about 10 homework assignments per quarter and a short quiz for each vocabulary list.

    How will the students be graded?

    Quizzes count 60% toward the average and Homework counts 40%.  The students receive 2 grades per HW assignment:  the grade for the assignment and the "responsibility grade".  The responsibility grade works as follows:  100 for handing it in on time, 50 for handing it in late and 0 if the student needs to be assigned a Before School Detention in order to get them to do the assignment.  Please note that students will not be able to hand in an incomplete HW assignment just to get the 100 for the responsibility grade.

    What will my student need for class?

    Every day the student will need to bring something to write with and a Spanish folder (a folder dedicated only to Spanish).