Accelerated Math 7

  • Accelerated Math 7 - Ms. Dudyak

    Syllabus, Policies and Procedures


    Textbook:                             Guided Notes are provided

    Required Materials:           pen/pencil, (Scientific Calculator suggested, the district recommended TI-30XIIS)


    Course Description:

    Building upon student’s previous knowledge, this year’s math curriculum will cover the following topics:

    -     Integers                                                                                                          

    -     Algebraic Reasoning

    -          Multi-Step Equations and Inequalities

    -     Number Systems

    -     Two and Three Dimensional Figures

    -     Collecting, Displaying, and Analyzing Data

    -     Proportional Relationships and Measurement

    -          Statistics and Probability

    -          Patterns and Functions

    -          Expression and Equation

    -          Functions

    -          Geometry

    The Accelerated Math 7 course is designed to cover both the 7th and 8th grade New York Common Core standards.  Students will to take the NYS grade 7 exam.  In addition, the use of a scientific calculator will be allowed on Part II of the NYS exam and therefore will be introduced.


    Classroom Rules:

    1.    Be in class on time with appropriate materials and sitting in your assigned seat.

    2.    Have all materials sitting out before asking to use the facilities.

    3.    Listen to and follow directions.

    4.    Come to class ready to actively participate.

    5.    Respect yourself and others.


    Daily Procedure:

    1.  Enter classroom calmly and quietly.

    2.  Have homework on desk and ready to be checked.

    3.  Sharpen pencil if needed.

    4.  Begin Bellwork.

    5.  Actively participate in homework review.

    6.  Focus on lesson and ask sensible questions.

    7. Write homework in agenda.

    8. Students will remain in their seats until they are dismissed by

        Ms. Dudyak.  




    Attendance Policy:

    If you miss class, it is your responsibility to copy lecture notes from a classmate and complete any missed work.  Also, hand in any assignments that were due on the day you missed.


    Tardy Policy:

    When you enter the room late (with or without a pass), quietly sit down at your

    desk.  If you have a late pass place the pass on your desk and I will collect it.  If

    you do not have a late pass the tardy will be recorded. 

    After every 3 tardies to class, a student will receive a Before School




    Grading Policy:

    Each Quarterly grade:

    Summative Assessments:                                                             

       a) Unit Test/Projects                                               40%

       b) Summative Quiz                                                 40%

    Participation & Preparedness Grade:                     20%                       

       a) Check-in Quiz

       b) Friday Paper

       c) Bell Ringer/Assignment

       d) Classwork Assignment                                              


    Test, projects and quizzes are announced.  Homework is checked daily for

    completeness and at the end of each quarter a quiz grade is given that

    reflects the average of homework completed.  Classwork grades may or may not

    be announced.  The final grade is the average of the 4 quarter



    Homework and Friday Papers:

    When homework is checked daily, a student will receive 2 points for a completed

    assignment, 1 point for a partially completed or honestly attempted assignment

    and 0 points for no attempt. A Friday paper will be given at the beginning of

    each school week and needs to be completed by Friday.  Students

    may get help from me or another math teacher before Friday.